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Finance Options

Today's Fire Departments and Municipalities need to make the most of their resources as budgets tighten and federal grants become less available. However, at the same time you need to ensure you have safe equipment for your fire fighters and have the ability to replace old equipment. At Breathing Air Systems we provide a variety of financing options with your goals in mind.

We specialize in providing innovative, flexible financing programs to Breathing Air Systems customers worldwide. These financing programs allow your department to maximize cash flow, preserve capital budgets, gain tax advantages, and retain the flexibility and financial ability to upgrade your breathing air equipment.

Choose to finance your breathing air compressor, fill station, mobile system or cascade system with Breathing Air Systems and your department can:

  • Cut costs by replacing systems that cost more to maintain than the operation of today's alternatives.
  • Conserve valuable capital by spreading the costs of equipment over time, preserving lines of credit, and freeing liquid capital for other department needs.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by applying financial services management across the entire life-cycle of the equipment, ensuring benefits from up-to-date equipment at the lowest cost.
  • Simplify budgets by using operating expense budgets to acquire capital equipment now.
  • Lease with maximum flexibility using payment schedules to match cash flow, budget, and ongoing equipment upgrade requirements to meet NFPA regulations.
  • Simplify equipment acquisition with a fast, easy documentation process and the ability to combine equipment and services into a single periodic payment.

To begin we offer two tools on the road to a fast approval. The first is a quick quote calculator which displays possible financial scenarios. With your program choice and department information in hand, complete the one page credit application and you are on your way.  Start today and click the link below that suits your needs.

FEMA Grant Help

Fire Departments nationwide are investigating whether they can obtain FEMA Grant funds to purchase equipment or enhance their ability to face a crisis.

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Compressor Selector

Choosing the right compressor can be complex. Let the experts at Breathing Air Systems help!

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Customer Survey

At Breathing Air Systems, we sincerely value your feedback as a customer and greatly appreciate if you could complete our online survey.

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