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SCBA Cylinders

As the 15 year service life on your wrapped SCBA cylinders comes to an end, does huge budget expenditures loom ahead? SAVE 30% to 60% on SCI replacement SCBA cylinders compared to SCBA manufacturer prices.

  • SCBA valve-CGA347-150 degree w (VAL1-150)

    Price: $215.00
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  • Valve- 4.5 SCBA for Scott cyli (VAL1-150T)

    Price: $195.00
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  • Valve- SCBA 3000 psi CGA346 w (VAL3)

    Price: $169.00
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  • Valve- SCBA CGA346 w/ .750-16 (VAL2)

    Price: $179.00
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  • Valve,cylinder,cga 347 (VAL1)

    Price: $195.00
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