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Cascade Systems

We have placed cascade systems worldwide. Our cascade systems use only the highest quality components. A high pressure breathing air cascade system can be custom built to your design. Choose the one that's right for your SCBA or SCUBA application. Air ready and waiting for your emergency. Breathing Air Systems is the leader in custom air cascade systems.

  • Cascade cylinder, 4500 psi, in (CS4)

  • Cascade System , 4500 psi, Four Cylinders (CS4-4)

  • Cascade System, 4 bottle 4500 psi, DOT (CS4-4R)

  • Cascade,5 cylinder,4500psi (CS4-5)

  • Cascade,5/4500 (CS4-5R)

  • Cascade Cylinder, 4500 psi., with Pigtail (CS4A)

  • Cascade cylinder, 5000 psi, in (CS5)

  • Cascade System, 5000 psi. (CS5-2)

  • Cascade System, 5000 psi. (CS5-2R)

  • Cascade system, 5000 psi (CS5-5R)

  • Cascade System, 5000 psi (CS5-6)

  • Cascade system, 5000 psi (CS5-6R)

  • Cascade bottle, CS5 required (CS5A)

  • Cascade cylinder, 6000 psi, in (CS6)

  • Cascade System CS6-4, 6000 psi., Four Cylinders (CS6-4)

  • Cascade System CS6-4R, 6000 psi with Regulator (CS6-4R)

  • Cascade 5 cylinder,6000psi (CS6-5)

  • Cascade,5/6000 (CS6-5R)

  • Cascade System, 6000 psi, (CS6-6)

  • Cascade System, 6/6000 (CS6-6R)

  • Cascade 8 cylinder,6000psi (CS6-8)

  • Cascade System, 9/6000 psi (CS6-9)