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6000 psi Open Compressors

High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor Systems built by Bauer Compressors of Norfolk VA. A Bauer breathing air compressor is the most reliable and dependable unit you can purchase. All of these units will produce air quality of CGA Grade E breathing air suitable for SCUBA, Industrial and Fire Service. Pure air for your SCBA, SCUBA or Cascade System meets NFPA recommendations.

  • Compressor, 35.9 cfm., 6000 psi., Bauer H35 (H35VE3)

  • Compressor,6000 psi,35.9 cfm (H35E3)

  • Compressor,6000 psi,80.4 cfm (H80E3)

  • Compressor,6000 psi,96 cfm (H96E3)