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Paratech Rescue Equipment

The Paratech product line is comprised of Rescue Support Systems, MAXIFORCE Air Lifting Bags, Powered Imptact Tools, Forcible Entry Tools, Rescue Air Cushions, Fire Fighting Tools, Leak Sealing Systems and the ultimate collection of essential Paratech products called Special Mission Tender (SMT) equipped specifically for either urban search and rescue or trench rescue, both are loaded with all the necessary Paratech tools needed for technical rescue. Structural collapse emergencies occur almost daily somewhere in the world and they are easily one of the most difficult challenges faced by fire brigades and rescue teams. “Workmen Trapped During Building Demolition”, “Natural Gas Explosion”, “Terrorist Bomb”, “Earthquakes Affects Residential Area”, “Burning Building Collapse Traps Fire Fighters”. Paratech’s Rescue Support Systems are the strongest and most versatile struts in the world and have been FEMA tested and adopted as standard for their technical caches. Not all products available in all areas. Contact or call 800-937-2479 for details.