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Your expert on Mobile Air Systems Trailers, Fire Trucks, Slide-in Cascade Units and Custom Designs

Please call 1-800-937-2479 for custom quotes.

Our Services

Our services are designed to assure the performance of your high pressure breathing air compressor, increase compressor life, help insure the safety of your breathing air users, and reduce liability. Breathing Air Systems currently services more than 2800 fire departments across the United States with annual preventative maintenance services and NFPA 1989 required Air Analysis programs. At Breathing Air Systems, we have built our business over the past 49 years by providing our customers with a concept we call "360 degree sales and service". To do this, we provide both sales and service support before, during and after you purchase equipment, replacement parts and service from Breathing Air Systems and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

We also have a full selection of Replacement Parts and full Hydrostatic Testing Services.

Service Orders

Breathing Air Systems has been serving the FIRE and SCUBA Industries for over 49 years. Our services can be ordered by completing and faxing our service order form to Breathing Air Systems at: 1-614-864-0071.

If you have any questions regarding placing a service request, please call our office at 1-800-937-2479.

Service Records

The adoption of NFPA 1989.7.4 requires that the organization keep records of compressor installation maintenance and purification filter changes, trouble reports and corrective action taken. It also requires records of the individual SCBA fills themselves, which should be saved for five years.

Replacement Parts

Breathing Air Systems maintains an extensive inventory of orginal factory spare parts for Bauer, Mako, Eagle, Hamworthy, Ingersol, Coltri, Hypress and most manufactured breathing air compressors and fill stations. Parts are still available for compressors and fill stations that were even manufactured over the past couple decades. For a complete listing of replacement parts, please browse our website, download our catalog or simply contact our parts department at 1-800-937-2479.

Most common parts are available for same day shipping.

Equipment Evaluation, Repair, Modifications and Upgrades

Breathing Air Systems employs full-time factory certified technicians that have the experience to maintain, repair and upgrade your breathing air equipment. Our technicians have the experience to modify existing BAUER, MAKO, EAGLE, HYPRESS, COLTRI, HAMWORTHY, and INGERSOL products to add new capability or functionality. Breathing Air Systems will also upgrade existing equipment to incorporate modern design concepts like NFPA required CO mointors. Equipment may be modified, upgraded or completely refurbished either on-site or in our facility, depending on the scope of work to be performed.

Contact the service department at Breathing Air Systems at 800-937-2479 for additional information or for a detailed quote.

Hydrostatic Testing

All SCBA and Storage Cylinders are required to have periodic hydrostat testing as mandated by DOT 173.34. Our hydrostat test facility has been in operations for more than 35 years. Breathing Air Systems provides hydrostat testing on all sizes of steel, aluminum and composite cylinders, SCBAs, scuba tanks, fire extringuishers, and DOT and ASME cascade cylinders.

Paratech Rescue Equipment Training & Demos

Breathing Air Systems offers a variety of training and demos for the entire line of Paratech Rescue equipment.

FEMA Grant Help

Fire Departments nationwide are investigating whether they can obtain FEMA Grant funds to purchase equipment or enhance their ability to face a crisis.

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Compressor Selector

Choosing the right compressor can be complex. Let the experts at Breathing Air Systems help!

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Customer Survey

At Breathing Air Systems, we sincerely value your feedback as a customer and greatly appreciate if you could complete our online survey.

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