P31 Super Triplex System - Bauer Compressors Breathing Air Purification Chamber System

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Bauer Compressors P31 Super Triplex System. SECURUS II ensures 100% utilization of the air processing cartridges because the moisture sensor is embedded directly in the molecular sieve. The SECURUS cartridge, with its moisture sensor, is the last cartridge in the air processing system. SECURUS II is powered from the PLC Control System and provides for automatic warning and shutdown when the SECURUS cartridge becomes saturated. The SECURUS II can be mounted locally to the SECURUS cartridge chamber or to the compressor’s control panel. SECURUS II is available for working pressures from 2000–6000 PSIG and flow rates to 125 SCFM.

Bauer Compressors P31 Super Triplex System technical Data.

P31 up to 5000PSI; System Capability of 11,760 cf. Triplex Design is not incorporated on a panel.

BAUER Compressors highly recommends Replacement of Bauer Aluminum Chambers. Aluminum as a material, however, can and will fatigue due to intermittent stress i.e. load cycles on pressure vessels and pressurized parts due to continuously in and decreasing pressure. It is therefore highly recommended to exchange any aluminum pressure vessel 15 YEARS after date of manufacturing and/or after having reached the maximum admissible number of load cycles according to PED-DGRL 2014/68/EU.

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