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It is Breathing Air Systems and Safe Air Systems goal to provide the best customer support , knowledge, and guidance to stay compliant & safe with all contaminated air & decontamination standards.


Plenty of stock is rightfully placed on testing the air that goes into the high-pressure cylinders worn by firefighters. But what about the air in the spaces that house them while they wait to answer the call of duty? Safety Lab Plus has devised a way to assure that the air breathed in the living areas of fire houses, where they spend most of their time, is safe. Long term exposure to hazardous materials, even in trace elements, has been linked to several serious health issues. SLP tests to several different National Fire Protection Association standards, including NFPA 1851.

First responders are our front line of defense in an emergency. We have been at the forefront of providing purity testing services and life-saving innovations to fire fighters, police officers, and paramedics for more than thirty years. Our accredited facilities test to all first responder industry standards, including those set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Breathing Air Systems and Safe Air Systems now offers an easy way to test your decontamination process.  

  • Prolonged exposure to poor indoor air quality can lead to some serious health problems. Respiratory problems, cancer and heart disease.
  • Poor ventilation is the number one cause of bad air quality. Firehouse testing can determine if your ventilation is good.


What is decon? Short for "decontamination", decon refers to the process of checking for harmful elements present on personal protective equipment and on the body. Because long-term exposure to hazardous contaminants has been linked to several serious medical issues, decon testing is of utmost importance at Safety Lab Plus. We have designed a kit that carefully scrutinizes for HAZ-MAT and tests to several different standards.

There have been growing concern among the fire and life safety community that repeated exposures to harmful contaminations is likely causing increased rates of cancer in firefighters. This includes the fire scene and the subsequent post fire scene exposures to contamination clothing, tool, apparatus, and stations. The exposure to chemicals via permeation/penetration of combustion byproducts through or around Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or from the cross-transfer of contaminants is rising more and more a concern to the firefighting community. 

  • Exposure to combusting byproducts of buring materials can contaminate your PPE, Equipment, Hoses and more...
  • Some hazardous materials to be looked for are: Carbon Moxoide, Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen Cyanide, Formaldehyde Acetaldehyde, Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide, Benzene, VOCs, PAHs and Particulates. Plus many more...
  • SLP has the ability to test and search thousands of hazardous gases and materials.
  • Be part of the "CCC" - Clean Cab Concept.
  • Be positive, Be responsible, Be vigilant, Be a LEADER!
  • SLP CAB and PPE Testing Kit, Fire House Testing Kit and SCBA Testing Kit - Affordable, Easy and Fast
  • Test for dangers you can't see.
  • NFPA 1851:2014