STAR50DELUXE Mobile Breathing Air Trailer

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STAR 50 DELUXE Mobile Breathing Air Trailer is a 12 foot X 7 foot enclosed trailer. Cascade Trailer System supported by SIX 4500 PSI Storage Cylinders.

The STAR Refill Transfer is a mobile cascade trailer system for use at the incident scene, for quick, clean on-the-spot refills. It does not include a compressor. It is filled by a "mother compressor" located back at the station.

The operator works inside the unit, and is protected from rain, snow, wind and other nasty weather.

The STAR 100 carries 5330 cubic feet of compressed air in twelve 4500PSI DOT/ISO storage cylinders; the STAR 70 carries 3996 cubic feet of stored air, in nine 4500PSI DOT/ISO storage cylinders and finally the STAR 50 carries 2665 cubic feet of compressed air in six 4500PSI DOT/ISO storage cylinders. All trailers can be customized to customers needs at additional cost.

Since the system is closed loop, there is NO chance of the air being contaminated on the scene, whatever the conditions! The clean, safe air you've pumped at the station, is the clean, safe air you'll get at the scene.

STAR Trailers come complete with:

  • 58985-2 Haskel Booster Pump - no outside power source needed. The pump will fill your SCBA's when storage pressure goes low as 1000PSI.
  • Bauer Compressors 5.5 Containment Fill Station, two-position with gauge panel. NFPA 1901 compliant.
  • 15-position, SCBA transfer rack, steel w/diamond plate sides.
  • 35 foot refill hose.
  • Mounted in a screw-less, tandem axle road ready trailer, 12ft X 7ft X 7ft.
  • Other upgradeable options available.
  • Picture shown includes optional equipment.

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