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Stainless Steel Breathing Air Purification Systems

No more corrosion problems!

High pressure air to be used for breathing purposes can be hazardous unless it is purified. Air produced by a high pressure air compressor is contaminated by moisture, oil mist, solid particles and often times, carbon monoxide and other noxious gases. Breathing Air purification systems offer a safe, dependable and reliable means of purifying high-pressure compressed air to a level of purity suitable for human respiration. Per NFPA, CGA & OSHA standards. 

ALL Air Purification Systems ONLY filter moisture & carbon monoxide. Purifiers are only designed to remove contaminant gases by which the cartridge is designed. 

We carry Stainless Steel Breathing Air Purification Cartridges, Stainless Steel Breathing Air Purification Systems and Stainless Steel Chambers to meet your specifications. Call us for your Breathing Air Purification System needs.

How the Stainless Steel Air Purification System works:

Stage #1: Condensable Removal - Mechanical Cartridge Holder

  • Particles and droplets (water and oil) are squeezed from the gas.
  • Fluid is drained off periodically via a manual or automatic valve.
  • Relief Valve protects against over-pressurization / Final Stage of Compression.
  • Check Valve prevents back flow of gas after leaving mechanical filter.

Stage #2: Vapor Removal - Absorbent Cartridge Holder

  • Gaseous contaminants (suck as water, hydrocarbons, solvents, CO and CO2) are isolated and contained on various absorbents, desiccants and catalysts.
  • Particles generated by absorbent chemicals, which may escape to the gas stream, are captured by barriers built into the cartridges.

Stage #3: Discharge

  • Final capture of fine particles is made by a sub-micron filter.
  • Priority valve maintains constant pressure within the filters to prevent contamination of filter system. (Decompression of gas permits trapped particles to float beyond their chemical restraint.)
  • Gauge indicates internal pressure.

Air enters mechanical separator. While in the chamber, particulate matter, oil and water droplets are removed.

The next 2 chambers contain desiccant cartridges, which absorb the vaporous oil and water vapor.

The last chamber cartridge absorbs oil and water vapor, eliminates noxious odors by activated carbon. Then converts LOW AMOUNTS of carbon monoxide to breathable levels of carbon dioxide by means of a catalyst.

If your Aluminum Mechanical Separator is over 10 years old, it is susceptible to load cracking and is in danger of volatile rupture.

The chambers are stainless steel material rated for 6000 PSI working pressure.

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