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Open Vertical Units

High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor Systems built by Bauer Compressors of Norfolk, Virginia. A Bauer breathing air compressor is the most reliable and dependable unit you can purchase. All of these units will produce air quality of CGA Grade E breathing air. Breathing Air Systems is the exclusive distributor of BAUER high pressure breathing air compressors and fill stations in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Also for Florida's fire and rescue service.

  • Compressor - 1 - 6 cfm. Bauer (S1E1-VTC)

  • Compressor - 5 cfm. Bauer Ope (S1-6K5E1-VTC)

  • Compressor 26 cfm verticon (VTC26-E3)

  • Compressor System 4, 21 cfm. (S4E3-VTC)

  • Compressor System 7 - 18.0 cfm (S7-18E3-VTC)

  • Compressor System 7, 25.2cfm (S7-25E3-VTC)

  • Compressor system, 13 cfm (S3-6K13E1-VTC)

  • Compressor system, 9.7 cfm (S3-6K10E1-VTC)

  • Compressor-Bauer Open Vertical Air System (S2E1-VTC)