Bauer Verticus

The days of “Breadbox” designed compressor packages are over! Step up to the BAUER VERTICUS. The updated sound attenuated cabinet is equipped with a unique aesthetically pleasing horizontally hinged, and gas shock supported, operations panel, assuring direct and easy access to the drive belts. Vertically hinged and lift-off side maintenance access doors incorporating fast pin technology make removal of the doors a snap – no hand tools are required! The rear panel incorporates integral handles and tabbed lift off design. The front vertically hinged access door is affixed with a hex keyed latch to eliminate the accidental opening of the door while the system is operating. Sound attenuation has been incorporated on every possible panel to provide a nice and quiet operating level of approximately 72 dB (within one-meter). One package size accommodates BAUER high pressure air-cooled compressors from 5 to 20 Hp motors. Our new, larger, 7” HMI enhances monitoring of system functions.

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